Top 15 Reasons

Generators and Contractors should use Triple M Land Farms, Inc.


1. Blanket Permit #107-00009 allows us to accept from any state.
2. Materials are cleaned to Kentucky standards, soils are able to be reused.
3. Generators liabilities end.
4. A Clean Soil Certificate is offered.
5. As a Generator, you will know that you are doing your part to keep our environment clean.


1. Easy access.
2. Scales on site.
3. Farm Manager lives on site and is available after hours with prior appointment
4. Available for weekend disposals with prior job approval.
5. Backfill, topsoil, rock, and compost available on site.
6. Tankers can be rinsed out with 3500-PSI washer.
7. Load and go with Generator knowledge of petroleum contaminant.
8. Competitive prices.
9. Assistance in finding subcontractors.
10. Will work with Contractors and Generators to earn your business.