Landfarm vs. Landfill

Landfarming is an environmentally sound alternative to landfill storage of petroleum impacted soil and water.

Landfarming uses Bioremediation – specially enhanced microbes, with soil aeration – to biodegrade petroleum-impacted soil and water.

Landfarming conserves our natural resources by maximizing diversion of petroleum-impacted materials that can be successfully treated and cleaned from the waste

Landfarming at TRIPLE M is for Non-Hazardous materials.

Landfarming relieves “cradle-to-grave” liability associated with landfills.

Landfill is the traditional storage disposal site for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

Landfill storage of petroleum-contaminated soil and water remains as is, possibly threatening the environment and haunting the Generator (company/individual) with long term liability for what damage the contamination might do.

Landfill does not conserve our natural resources.

Landfill – “cradle-to-grave” liability remains with the Generator.