Water Treatment Profile

The Water Treatment Order is available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

Water Treatment Order in PDF format Order Acceptance Criteria for Water

Non-Hazardous Petroleum-Contaminated Water

Triple M Land Farms, Inc . (TMLF) of Franklin , KY has been approved by the State of Kentucky , Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet, Division of Waste Management, to accept non-hazardous petroleum-contaminated water for treatment. This approval is granted under Permit # 107-00009.

Kentucky regulations reference federal law in many aspects of the handling of solid and hazardous wastes.  While Triple M does not accept hazardous wastes for disposal we do accept fuels and oils for the purposes of recycling under the provisions of federal regulations discussed in Requirements for Recyclable Materials in Title 40 Part 261.6.  By way of our fuels and oils recycling program many waste or off specification materials are kept away from environmentally unsound and costly disposal practices and returned to a useful state.