Soil Recycling

Don’t dump at the landfill, recycle that contaminated soil.

If you have petroleum impacted soil, for instance, a diesel spill, we can recycle that soil. We offer an environmentally sound and economically viable solution for soil recycling using aeration and natural microbes to clean up the soil instead of storing it at a landfill.

After a certain period of time, the soil recycled in the treatment cells is tested.  Once the contaminants have reduced to permit allowed levels the clean material may be recycled for unrestricted off-site use.  Unlike the permanent alternative of landfill disposal soil recycling allows environmentally friendly reuse of what would otherwise take up valuable landfill space.

At Triple M Land Farms we are experts at recycling soil contaminated in a variety of ways. We are conveniently located in south central Kentucky and less than 30 minutes from the greater Nashville metropolitan area.