Wastewater Recycling

Don’t pour contaminants into a drain, recycle that wastewater!

We can accept many kinds of wastewaters. Since 1997, we’ve disposed of petroleum-contaminated wastewaters such as gasoline, diesel, oily-type, wash-rack, etc.  We also dispose of oil-water separator sludge and grease trap residues. Wastewater recycling is core to our entire program at Triple M Land Farms.

The first step in wastewater recycling is to separate any free petroleum product from the water.  The petroleum is then sent off-site to a licensed recycling facility for beneficial reuse.  The water is then spray irrigated onto one of our treatment cells where it is naturally degraded by microbes in the soil and by sunlight.  After a certain period of time, the water and petroleum contaminated soils in the treatment cells is tested.  Once the contaminants have reduced to permit allowed levels the clean material may be recycled for unrestricted off-site use.

Kentucky regulations reference federal law in many aspects of the handling of solid and hazardous wastes.  While Triple M does not accept hazardous wastes for disposal we do accept fuels and oils for the purposes of recycling under the provisions of federal regulations discussed in Requirements for Recyclable Materials in Title 40 Part 261.6.  By way of our fuels and oils recycling program many waste or off specification materials are kept away from environmentally unsound and costly disposal practices and returned to a useful state.